Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Me Halfway (Blythe, Ca)

Quiz.... What is half way between Phoenix, Az and Huntington Beach, Ca???  You guessed it, Blythe, California.  With our old, beat up 90's cars, busy lives, and limited budgets, this was the only option for our rendezvous.   We had joked and talked about it for months and finally the 3 hour drive was going to happen.

We had planned a perfect cliche date of dinner and a movie in the small town and had even researched a theater and a restaurant.  But to our surprise, we arrive at the movie theater and it was CLOSED!  "Oh no", we gasped, "what are we going to do now?"  We turned around and asked the only non-gang related person in yelling distance if there was anything in this town to do for fun.... you know theater or a bowling alley or something???  The sun beaten and unkempt lady, which loved to talk just kept saying, "There is nothing in this town for the kids anymore, there is nothing in this town for the kids anymore".

So we improvised.  Good thing we brought swim gear cuz it was HOT.  ooOOOOwwwEEeee was it hot.  Question.... have you ever had a relay race with a partner against noone?  We have!  Yeah, we swam laps and taged eachother and cheered our partner on til the 10 laps were up.  We were exhausted from the competition so we cuddled on the steps of the pool and said cute mushy things to eachother.  This sickened the other couple sunbathing on the side so they left and we took their spots and got our tan on.

We ate at Rosita's (recommended for when you are in BLythe) and devoured it.  Tanya licked the plate when she thought David wasn't watching.  It was good!  Then we hurried to watch the sunset.  We picked a 30 foot high haystack to climb on and layed out a blanket and giggled and slowdanced while we were in awe of the sunsets beauty.  Life it good!

Haystack-Top Sunset

Creek-Side Sunset