Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Cashville

What is it like in Nashville, you ask.  You thought there were just a bunch of hillbillys and banjos?  You asked, "Isn't there fewer teeth in that Southern city?"  You said you heard Miley Cyrus talk about it but wanted to know the truth.  Tanya and I are willing to reveal it unto you....

Alright, so Nashville has changed since this video but not much.  Nashvillians still love to sing and dance.

You couldn't see from this video but, Miley, there was not a memo sent out... no one was in stilettos.  This definitely  IS a Nashville party.

Enough with the funnies, I want to tell you the Probst story over Tanya and I's vacation.  It started off with us flying in on Christmas Eve late because that was the cheapest flight.  500 Delta flights heading east were canceled but somehow ours wasn't.  We touched down to Nashville's 1st "white Christmas" in 17 years.  

After opening our amazing presents, we stopped by Centennial Park downtown to see the Parthenon replica that was on our bucket list to see.  Then we came home and Mom cooked the most delicious lamb that the world may ever know.  We thank you lamb for sacrificing your life for the Probst's enjoyment.  You can be our pet in the afterlife.

Our 1st Christmas miracle was church being CANCELED due to the icy interstate shutting down.  So we went over to the Robinson's house for some wholesome entertainment (as seen in the video above).  We stopped by Sweet CeCe's along the way to see Sister Probst's place of employment.

We also had a visit from Heather and Alan Patton with their son Ari.  Right before i took this picture i heard him yelling, "BUY!  SELL!  BUY!  SELL!"  He is going places, I can feel it. 

Monday started with a visit to Farmer Dan so feed and ride his horses.  Farmer Dan loves his horses, he knows all 33 horses by name.  Here is Tanya breaking in Rock.

We got jealous that the horses were feeding so we went on out traditional senic drive out to Pucket's for some good ol' Sothern BBQ.

So the snow melted and the dreamy vacation with the family climaxed with a NHL game.  The Preds lost but the Probst family won from family bonding with their new daughter Tanya Rae.

So you see, Nashvillians like music, dancing, food, and good company.  The sun came out and melted the snow and Tanya and I's hearts.  We hope to get back soon.  Thanks Mom and Dad and Jenny for an amazing Christmas.  P.S.  Tanya and I were on a hunt for a great landscape scene.  Let me know what one you like the best.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marathon (St. George, Ut) Fine Dining (Las Vegas, Nv)

26.2 MILES!  TWENTY SIX + MILES!!!!!!!!!!  Can you wrap your mind around that figure?!!  Let me try to help those of you who are scratching your heads or shrugging your shoulders..... Run from Provo to South Jordan OR Phoenix to Mesa AND back OR fly into LAX and run to Disneyland and you have run a full marathon.  When speaking of marathons, the modern philosopher, David Probst I, was quoted  by saying, "It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life".  Phoenix's finest wedding planner, Tanya Faller, was quoted saying, "I didn't expect it to be so emotional.  Children running into father's and mother's arms and grown men weeping as they approached the finish line." 

I know you are thinking it so i will come out and admit it.  David and his Dad are CRAZY but they love the sense of accomplishment they feel afterward as St. George honors them by laying a heavy metal around their neck.
Morning of (5:30am)
Flirting at Mile 26

Yes, Coca-Cola paid us handsomely
Emma, Andrew, Whitney, David, Tanya, Brady, & Richard
The race ended and the adrenalin faded and the soreness set in.  Tanya helped David I & David II by being their crutch as they limped back to the car.  We had a flight in the morning from Las Vegas airport SO WE HAD to stay the night in Vegas.  David I, insisted that we stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and so we gave in after not much of a fight.  We unpacked and Tanya and David II headed out for dinner at THE hotel's newest rooftop restaurant, THE Mix.  It was so nice the server said BON APPETITE.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tanya and David took bread breaks in order to savor the mmmmmmmmouth watering deliciousness.  Lobster au curry (Tanya) & Lamb shanks (David).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Me Halfway (Blythe, Ca)

Quiz.... What is half way between Phoenix, Az and Huntington Beach, Ca???  You guessed it, Blythe, California.  With our old, beat up 90's cars, busy lives, and limited budgets, this was the only option for our rendezvous.   We had joked and talked about it for months and finally the 3 hour drive was going to happen.

We had planned a perfect cliche date of dinner and a movie in the small town and had even researched a theater and a restaurant.  But to our surprise, we arrive at the movie theater and it was CLOSED!  "Oh no", we gasped, "what are we going to do now?"  We turned around and asked the only non-gang related person in yelling distance if there was anything in this town to do for fun.... you know theater or a bowling alley or something???  The sun beaten and unkempt lady, which loved to talk just kept saying, "There is nothing in this town for the kids anymore, there is nothing in this town for the kids anymore".

So we improvised.  Good thing we brought swim gear cuz it was HOT.  ooOOOOwwwEEeee was it hot.  Question.... have you ever had a relay race with a partner against noone?  We have!  Yeah, we swam laps and taged eachother and cheered our partner on til the 10 laps were up.  We were exhausted from the competition so we cuddled on the steps of the pool and said cute mushy things to eachother.  This sickened the other couple sunbathing on the side so they left and we took their spots and got our tan on.

We ate at Rosita's (recommended for when you are in BLythe) and devoured it.  Tanya licked the plate when she thought David wasn't watching.  It was good!  Then we hurried to watch the sunset.  We picked a 30 foot high haystack to climb on and layed out a blanket and giggled and slowdanced while we were in awe of the sunsets beauty.  Life it good!

Haystack-Top Sunset

Creek-Side Sunset